Review: Anna and The French Kiss - Stephanie Perkins

Wanting a fun chick-lit book to read ? Ever been inspired to visit Paris - The City of Lights :)
Check out Stephanie Perkin's Debut Novel "Anna and the French Kiss".
Review: Anna and the French Kiss - Stephanie Perkins- December 2010
Ever dreamed of heading off to Paris - The City of Lights ? For Anna, heading to Paris was the one thing that she didn't want to do , why oh why would anyone especially her parents think that uprooting her from her life in Atlanta, Georgia and dumping her in Paris would be the right thing to do ? Anna's father - bestselling author James Ashley has enrolled Anna for the year at SOAP - School of Americans in Paris. Anna and the French Kiss chronicles her journey into discovering the language of Love , meeting new friends and leaving old ones behind and more importantly - what it's like to truly have guy problems. We discover that Anna's heart is torn in two as she is in love with Toph back home in Atlanta and St Clair in Paris, though of course the dilemma strikes worse when St Clair has a girlfriend and it seems he may have a flock of crushes. Is Anna just another one of St Clair's crushes as they start to spend quality time together or is their passion underlining their friendship ? Anna and The French Kiss is a fast-paced read , that all will enjoy and won't want to put down , the only downside for me was the chemistry between Anna and St Clair seemed to drag on for a bit and in parts you'd feel frustrated and scream come on Anna and St Clair - hurry up and do something lol. :) Anna and The French Kiss falls as a transistion novel between the I'm too old to read Teens but not yet old enough to read Adults.
Overall ,an excellent read and I'm looking forward to now reading Stephanie's next novel "Lola and the Boy Next Door".


  1. This is my book club's pick for January! Can't wait to read it!


  2. You won't regret reading it . I had had it sitting on my TBR Pile for ages but I was a tad wary as though it went through a popular sweep, sometimes the popular reads can turn out disappointing but this was one of those OMG Books :)

  3. He's dreamy. He's tall. He's hot. He has an accent. He showers Anna with attention. Basically, he's perfect. At least Anna thinks so, until she truly gets to know him. She quickly learns that he has his own personal demons to wrangle (mainly his dad), and that the overwhelming good looks he possesses are not the best thing about him. The two go on a journey of discovery in this book, taking the reader along for an enchanting ride. Set against the beautiful city of Paris (seriously, if Ms. Perkins has never been there, she is one heck of a great researcher!), Anna and the French Kiss is a love story at its finest.


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