Monday, December 5, 2011

Review: Rock "N" Roll is Undead - Rose Pressey

We've all heard the saying "Rock "N" Roll is Dead" but with author Rose Pressey , it's the opposite as she proves to us that "Rock "N" Roll is Undead" with her new novel.
Review: Rock 'N" Roll is Undead - Veronica Mason Series #1-Rose Pressey-June 2011
In a world of Supernaturals as it seems that with the turn of the years , many are coming out of the closet. For Veronica , she is considered safe in the supernatural world as she is in fact a Witch who has visions. What started as a fun but scary night out as Veronica and her Rock N Roll band are invited to play at a Vampire Bar, this was supposed to be a safe night out as two of the members of her band were Vampires. Though of course, it ended in a bar fight with Veronica getting a bottle of blood flying past her head. On her way home , Veronica and Frank discover that their new bass player Johnny has been reduced to a pile of ashes - as it turns out there's a Vampire hunter on the loose. Veronica it seems judging by the novel has a knack for always finding herself in the middle of trouble and with a record producer coming to listen to their band , she has to now start looking for a replacement for Johnny. With finding replacements and being stuck in the middle of a murder investigation , when love comes knocking at Veronica's door will she be oblivious to it and when she finally clicks -will it be too late for Veronica as she may well cross over to the side of the undead? Filled with humour, supernatural creatures, music and mystery - Rock N Roll is Undead has something for everyone.

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