Friday, December 30, 2011

Review: Kill Alex Cross - James Patterson

Are you a fan of James Pattersom's novels ? Adore his Alex Cross Series , or are you like me and make a habit to read ALL of James Patterson's released books ?
Get ready for the latest in the Alex Cross Series ...............

Review: Kill Alex Cross - Book #18 Alex Cross Series - James Patterson- September 2011
Can you say WOW ? , I did as I opened up to begin Kill Alex Cross by James Patterson, especially when I discovered that this is the 18th book in the Alex Cross Series. Thinking about this brought back a conversation I had with a book lover's group "Bookaholics Anonymous" on Facebook about long-running series - the one in question was Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum as that's just made it's way to it's 18th book. Some people wrote that they couldn't get enough, while others said as they neared the 10th, 13th book- they stopped as they had just plainly had enough of that character. I found that with The Dresden Files , I read all the way to Book #7 and then had to stop for a while as that was enough dosage of Harry. Whereas for me , I ADORE Alex Cross and James Patterson as an author and I can't get enough of Alex as each book is written in the same fashion, thrilling and fast paced.
In Kill Alex Cross , we see a mixture of events occur from a kidnapping of the president's children - which of course reminds Washington and Alex Cross of the Gary Soljei case - "Along Came a Spider" and a terriost group has arrived in America calling themselves "The Family". Unlike his previous Alex Cross novels, we do read alot of bloodshed and so many people are dying and being killed. I lost count about halfway through. The Kidnapper as we discover likes to record himself and again refers himself to being like Gary and where Gary failed - the new kidnapper would love to "Kill Alex Cross". Can Alex find the children and solve the crime before he is the one that ends up dead ? Is this the last book in the Alex Cross series ?
And we read as a new addition is added to the Cross family , when Nana Cross ends up getting mugged and attacked -Bree angry sets out to find the culprit and instead finds the culprit as a 13yr old homeless girl named Ava. Nana Cross insists Alex to take her under their wing , will Alex be keen with the idea or will he find himself outnumbered ?
Read more in Book #18 Kill Alex Cross - another James Patterson novel that won't leave you disappointed.



  1. Nice to see someone so excited about a book. Looks as though I need to pick back up on the series.

  2. I'm a huge Alex Cross fan. Although this book has received mixed reviews I'm glad that there's a few reviewers that enjoyed it. Gary Soneji, IMO, is still one of the best literary villains of all time, if not my favorite. It'll be interesting to see if Patterson can top him. Great review.

  3. Ive been invested in the Alex Cross character from the beginning. I've read them all and after the "build up" for this book I read it in two days holding my breath towards the end. While I can say I was intrigued I was expecting a little more with the whole tainted water supply. That part of the story fell flat for me. If you're a true Cross fan it delevers. I enjoy his devotion to his family and I love the Nana Mama character.


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