VBT# Santa's Backdoor Baby - Malia Mallory (R18 Read)

Ho, Ho, Ho Merry Christmas and welcome to today's stop of Santa's Backdoor Baby by Malia Mallory as part of the Christmas Sizzling
Synopsis : Santa's Backdoor Baby - Book #1 Christmas Holiday Sex Series - Malia Mallory-ND
Holly is home for the holidays and working as Santa's elf at the local mall. She's embraced her sexuality and is looking for adventure. Will she find it with Jack, a fellow elf? Will Santa Nick fill her with the holiday spirit? In the end, she entices them both and learns the pleasures of taking on two men at once. (6500 words)
This ebook contains graphic depictions of masturbation, oral sex, anal sex and double penetration with multiple partners. It is intended for persons 18+ only.
Excerpt -
Holly laughed. "I'm not sure it is the elf part. It could be the half-naked part."
"Mmmm, you may be right." He leaned in for another kiss. "Come here." He guided her toward the Santa throne and sat down with her in front of him. He unbuckled the belt and the jacket exposing the pants underneath. He unfastened his pants and revealed his cock to Holly. It was hard and it pulsed in his hand.
Holly kneeled in front of him. She took his cock into her mouth. His hands reached down into her straight, blond hair, brushing it back from her face. He reached over her back and rubbed her ass with his hands. He gave her a few playful smacks and then reached inside the waistband of her elf panties and inserted the tip of his finger in her ass.
She flinched. "Ooh…"

Guest Post : Malia Mallory

A Sensual History of the Christmas Holiday
Not so long ago, Christmas was a far cry from the child-centric, family holiday that is celebrated today. We know Christmas was superimposed over any number of already existing holidays. However, it also picked up many of the celebratory traditions associated with these other holidays as well, including a proclivity for sensual exploits.
One of these celebrations was Yuletide, which was celebrated around the winter solstice among Scandinavians and Germanic peoples. This was a rather pagan festival with traditions like burning the yule log, feasting on meat and partaking of drink. The combination of alcohol and forced interior revelry due to the weather led, no doubt, to some lascivious behaviors.
The Romans partook of Saturnalia. In honor of the god Saturn, Romans would give gifts and party. It was also a time of relaxation of the normal stratification of society with the lines between master and slave becoming blurred during this period of celebration. Undoubtedly, this presented opportunities for relaxation of all types of social mores.
During the Middle Ages, Christmas commonly featured feasting, dancing and gambling. As you can imagine, this led to some sexually oriented behaviors as well. Eventually the carnival atmosphere of Christmas was so out of control that Puritans in England banned it. However, many didn't go along with this and there continued to be a boom in conceptions at the Christmas holiday.
Eventually by the end of the Victorian period, Christmas became completely transformed into the family-oriented holiday we know today, complete with the Christmas tree.
In the spirit of Christmases past, make your Christmas this year a sensual one. Smell the wonderful aromas of evergreen, eat tasty holiday treats and snuggle up with your loved ones in front of a roaring fire. Happy Holidays!

Malia Mallory is the author of The ABCs of Erotica (A-C available now) and Santa's Backdoor Baby, a holiday novella. Her newest story, Mia's Cop Craving, was released December 5.  All are available at major online retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble and AllRomance Books. To receive a free copy of "B is for Beach" from The ABCs of Erotica, sign up for her newsletter at her website http://www.maliamallory.com .


  1. Thank you for hosting me on your blog. Have a wonderful holiday season!

    Malia Mallory

  2. Great Guest Blog! Christmas, Yule time has been a pagan celebration for thousands of years, and it's always been a little naughty. ;)

    Merry Christmas eveyone!

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