Review: No Shoes , No Shirt, No Spell - Rose Pressey

Feeling in a witchy mood ? Wanting a nice light-hearted witch read ?
Review: No Shoes , No Shirt, No Spells - Mystic Cafe Series #1- June 2011
Are you into nice, light-hearted tales ? Did you grow up watching shows like Bewitched or Sabrina the Teenage Witch ? Movies like The Witches of Eastwick , Pratical Magic , Hocus Pocus ? In ways , reading Rose's book No Shoes, No Shirt, No Spell was similar to Janet Evanovich's Wicked Appetite and PC Cast's series The Goddess Summoning series.
In No Shoes, No Shirt, No Spells we meet Elly Blair, desperate to restart her life after an horrible relationship with her now ex-fiance and the job from hell recieves what at the time she thought was a nice idea - a relaxation holiday to stay with her Grandmother Imelda in Florida. However, Grandma has an alternate agenda up her sleeves - as the owner of Mystic Cafe , she is finding herself getting too old to cope with everything - spells and recipes etc. She has realised that it is time to pass on the torch and since Elly's mother is more interested in cleaning than cooking it's Elly's turn. This would have been all fine and dandy but Elly has never been very good at either cooking and especially not controlling her magic and spells. When on one occasion , a handsome customer takes a bite of a burger meant for somebody else - containing a sexy love charm it seems that Rory has soon captivated the hearts of all the females in the town - Elly being one of them , though of course she must decide whether the feelings of love are true love or a result of magical forces ? Now Elly must try and come up with a spell to reverse the love charm before it's too late and Rory finds himself snatched up by another townswomen . If this wasn't bad enough , her spell and it's results have captured the eyes and ears of the National Organisation of Magic and if Elly can't reverse the spell then it's bye-bye to the Mystic Cafe and her Grandmother's legacy. Can Elly save the Mystic Cafe as well as reverse the spell and find true love with Rory ?
Perfect for readers of the Accidental series by Dakota Cassidy and The Accidental Witch by Annette Blair.


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