Sunday, December 18, 2011

Review: Just the Way you Are - KM Daughters

Wanting a lovely story which when I read the quote "It's not on the outside but on the inside that counts" came to mind as I read KM Daughter's new book.
Review: Just the Way You Are - Book #2 Gospa Journeys - KM Daughters - July 2011
Just the Way you are starts off with Noelle , a school teacher just minding her own business , grading pop quiz papers when she smells smoke . Running to her door, she discovers that her neighbour Mr Jarvis's house is on fire. She gets Mr Jarvis out but he is beside himself and won't leave without his Trudy , so Noelle being the good person she is rushes in to save Trudy.
Fast forward a few months , Noelle is on a plane flight to join in the Gospa Tours . This sounded fun as I hope once I've finished my degree to do a Contiki tour around Europe. On the flight , she meets Shane - her seat neighbour , he is a renowned Plastic surgeon and he can't help but notice Noelle's scarring. As the novel goes along we see the sparks fly between Noelle and Shane and Noelle starts to fall hard. However, the pair will hit a huge bump in the road when Shane brings up Noelle's scars and breaks her heart. Guy's should know better than to bring up a girl's imperfections. Suddenly Noelle is left with the big What If ? hanging over her head as she starts to believe that Shane was using her as his pet project and that he couldn't love her truly for who she is - scars and all. Can Shane prove to Noelle before it's too late , that what he feels is true and display to her that "Beauty is only Skin Deep" and that he loves her flaws and all ?
Will Noelle get her happy ever after with Shane ?
Find out in KM Daughter's Book #2 of the Gospa Journeys - Just the Way You Are.

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