VBT# Dancing on the Inside - Glen Strathy

Today's VBT# is author Glen Strathy and his Children's novel "Dancing on the Inside" - This tour is part of the Pump Up Your Books VBT..
Review: Dancing on the Inside - Glen C. Strathy- July 2011
I've always loved Dancing movies and have been a huge fan of films like Centre Stage and Step Up , in a way this book reminded me of Centre Stage 2: Turn It Up as the main character Jenny ever since watching the DVD of Swan Lake has dreamed of becoming a famous dancer , though unfortunately for Jenny she suffers from stage fright- an awful thing when all you want to do in the world is perform in front of thousands of people. Though Jenny faces all these obstacles , she does not let that stop her from becoming a dancer as she is determined to become the best she can be and one day dance to her own Swan Lake. Jenny decides to observe and learn to dance the way she is comfortable in doing this she meets a fellow dancer Ara and soon the two girls strike up a wonderful friendship. This is the perfect novel for not only girls who love ballet , but as it talks about friendship and overcoming your fears and not letting them stand in your way of doing what you love :). It makes a nice change to from all those Rainbow Magic , Tiara Club and Go Girl books that many young girls are reading at the moment.


  1. Thanks for the review. Creating a story that was different from most ballet books for girls was part of what made writing this book fun for me.


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