Review: The Spellmans Strike Again - Lisa Lutz

Wanting a nice light-hearted mystery novel ? Are you a fan of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum books ? Have you read the first #3 books in the Spellman series by Lisa Lutz.
Review: The Spellmans Strike Again - Book #4 The Spellman Files - Lisa Lutz - March 2010
If you are like me and love light-hearted and fun mystery novels, then Lisa Lutz's series "The Spellman Files" are definitely books that should be found in your dark alleys of the reader's corner. According to other reviewers, if you like Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series then this is something similar , for me I'm just starting on the Stephanie Plum books as I got Book #1 One for Money out of the library. The Spellman family consist of Olivia and Albert Spellman (Mum and Dad) , Children - David, Isabel aka Izzy and Rae. Together, the Spellman's own a PI Business and are definitely the family that if you needed justice done for a strange cause - you should contact The Spellmans. In this novel , we discover that David has a new girlfriend named Maggie whose a Laywer - but what is David up to as Izzy and Olivia spot David several times with an Amazon Looking Blonde , Is he cheating on Maggie ? , Rae -the youngest of the Spellmans is doing some intern work at Maggie's firm and when she realises that so many innocent people get sent to Jail , she starts a "Free Schmidt" campaign - tshirts, stickers and all. Something's up with Olivia and Albert and why is items of the household disappearing ? and it wouldn't be a Spellman book without having a strong focus on Izzy whose Mother is making her go on a blind date with a lawyer once a week even though she is dating Connor , though will her relationship be strong enough to last ? As Izzy is still tracking down Hartley , a crooked PI will her plans of attack backfire and why is it all the cases she seems to be recieving are related to Hartley ?
What I loved most though about all of The Spellman Files books is the family dynamics and relationship between the entire Spellman Clan - especially their Family Rules Board :)


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