Monday, December 12, 2011

Review: The Liar Society - Lisa and Laura Roecker

Lies and Liars , seems like a common thread lately among Teen/YA Books from Pretty Little Liars to The Lying Game and Deadly Little Lies , get ready for Book #1 in a new Liar's series "The Liar Society".
Review: The Liar Society- Book #1 The Liar Society Series- Lisa and Laura Roecker - March 2011
It's been nearly a year since Kate lost her best friend forever Grace in a tragic fire , one that the school -Pemberley Brown is claiming as an accident , Kate knows though that something happened that night and an accident is what somebody's covering it up to be. She just doesn't know how to prove it without making herself look crazy. One day , Kate recieves an email from Grace's account, though how can that be ? The email tells Kate that what happened that night wasn't an accident and that she was actually murdered. Now she wants Kate to find out the truth , soon Kate starts to go on a treasure hunt of sorts to find out what really happened that night but it seems that if Kate's not careful, she too may wind up dead as what really went on is covering up centuries of school secrets and if released , who knows what may happen. With the help of  neighbour Seth and newcomer and potential boyfriend material Liam, can Kate get to the bottom of what happened and will she be able to the truth and nothing but the truth when it's revealed and accept the consequences of knowing what may very well be a deadly truth at that ?
If you love programmes like Nancy Drew with a kick butt Veronica Mars attitude , then The Liar Society will be your detective manual :). I can't wait to see where the story may lead with book #2 The Lies that Bind being released in 2012

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