Review: iBoy - Kevin Brooks

A favourite outside the box Teen/YA author and a male one at that , that I quite enjoy is Kevin Brooks . In this novel he has given a Inspector Gadget crossed with Numbers by Rachel Ward feel to it.
Review: iBoy - Kevin Brooks - July 2010
Imagine getting hit in the head one day by an Iphone of all things and it turning out to be the weirdest day of your life and the last day that you will ever be normal to speak of .
Tom lives in a dodgy part of London known as Crow Town with his nan Grams as his mum was killed in an accident when Tom was younger. In the flats lives his best friend Luce and her brother Ben. One day Luce asks Tom to meet her , next thing he knows is he's been hit in the head and wakes up in hospital. He discovers that he was hit in the head with an Iphone and that Luce was gang-raped and her brother Ben was left half-beaten to death. Over the next course of the time , Tom lays in a coma and then when he wakes up he discovers he's intelligent and has superpowers as parts of the Iphone are still fragmented in his brain. He can control anything electronically and soon finds himself a bit of a superhero like Superman and he calls himself iBoy. Can he get revenge on those who hurt Luce ? What will happen when he discovers that the mysterious leader of the Crow Town flats gang has a connection to his mother's death ? Will Tom put his new powers to good use and will he realise that sometimes trying to do the right thing is alot harder than it should be.
A great novel that was fast-paced and had a dystopian/ sci-fi with a touch of supernatural feel to it.



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