Review: Double Clutch - Liz Reinhardt

Looking for a fun light-hearted romance Teen/YA novel to read ?
Review: Double Clutch - Book #1 Breanna Blixen Series - Liz Reinhardt - September 2011
It's interesting ,watching the shape and direction of where Teen fiction is going to head as the last year - Supernatural was on the rise and now a hint of Dystopian is coming to 2012. However, in the mix of it all is that light-hearted romance that us girls love to devour and probably secretly guys do too - trying to figure out how to get a girl to like him :).
In Double Clutch , we meet Breanna Blixen she has just moved back from Denmark with her Mum and her husband- Breanna's stepdad Thorsten. After a year doing homeschool, it feels odd for Breanna to be in public school and around people her own age. It seems this year for Breanna will be the year of Love and decisions are to be made. On her first day of school , she meets Saxon - the brooding mysterious type , her partner in AP Government and Jake - he is in her Graphics design course at Tech School. As the novel goes along, we read as Saxon becomes quite pushy and in parts almost scarily creepy and reminds me of the character Joey from Shortland Street ( a NZ Medical Drama) , whereas Jake just seems like your nice guy. Read as Breanna is stuck in a love triangle and must choose who to be with and will find out that in a love triangle, you can only pick one guy and the other no matter how hard you try you will break their heart.
Who will Breanna go for ? The Dark and mysterious Saxon or the Artistic and creative Jake - who I imagine to myself looks a bit like Chris Z who played Joey Donner on the TV Series of "10 Things I Hate about You".
For a nice light-hearted romance , check out Double Clutch by Liz Reinhardt.


  1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful, detailed review, Paula! I've never seen 'Shortland Street,' but I'll have to see if I can check it out ;)! I really appreciate the time and attention you gave my book! Thank you again!


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