Review: The Beautiful Wife - Sandy Ralya

Are you married or have desires to be married ? Do you wish to be not just a beautiful wife for your husband but for God as well ?
Author Sandy Ralya has put together a study guide on how to be focused on Christ and be fulfilled in Marriage.
Review: The Beautiful Wife - Sandy Ralya - 2011
Wanting a bible study to do ? It can be done by yourself or in a group of married women in your church. It is called The Beautiful Wife and discusses how all those Christian wives out there can be focused on Christ and fulfilled in their marriage - the two most important things in Marriagedom. The Beautiful Wife answers serious questions women have about their roles as wives. Discussing everything from romance and money to beauty, communication, and sex, Sandy challenges women to open up and share their journeys so that together they can see God's plan for their marriages. It is my passion to help women discover God's heart for their marriage, just as the other women helped me, writes Sandy. "When women share with each other the details of their journeys with God as wives, it's a beautiful thing indeed. What I love most about The Beautiful Wife is that I am a sucker for ancedotes and Sandy trhoughout the study guide has planted inspiring stories from a number of married women and wives.  Also sold separately but go as a three pack with The Beautiful Wife is The Mentor Guide - to help you lead and be there as support for other wives and as most of us women tend to fall into the self-reflection theme of life , Sandy has also created a The Beautiful Wife Prayer Journal where you can guide yourself and there is lots of spaces provided to journal your responses and I guarantee by the time you have completed Sandy's The Beautiful Wife programme with her books - best to buy them as a Trio . You will be able to proudly stand up and proclaim to the world that "I am not just a wife of the world sense but also a Bride of God's".


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