Monday, November 6, 2017

Review: Finding Me - Scarlett Haven

Finding Me (The Spy Chronicles Book 1)

Review: Finding Me - Book #1 Spy Chronicles - Scarlett Haven - July 2016
I got the first book to this series as I loved the idea of a spy novel and it looked like it would be a fun teen Spy series. After reading the first few pages, I knew I was in for a bit more than your usual teen spy school story. It turns out Karlie is living with an abusive family and is the Cinderella to the family. She doesn't have any friends, and her punishments come in the form of starvation and the occasional beating. On the first day of school with no Andrew around, Karlie hopes this year she can be free and make some possible friendships. What she doesn't realize is her whole life is about to change in ways she never could imagine. As I got past the first few chapters, we had a Reverse Harem novel on our hands as well, and I got excited as I love Reverse Harems. Karlie learns later that she was kidnapped as a child and her "real father" has been searching for her and wants her back safe and sound. He is also the Principal of a Spy School that trains the agent's no-one ever talks about as they are that top secret. Karlie is now thrust into this new world, but she can't even enjoy it for that long as she discovers that she is her father's weakness and now has a target painted on her back. What will happen though when one of her newfound friends betrays her? What mess has Karlie found herself in the midst of? Find out in Finding Me - Book #1 Spy Chronicles by Scarlett Haven. For anyone who loves The Ghost Bird Series by CL Stone, they will feel at home with Finding Me as this is very much like the Ghost Bird series and I have to admit by the second chapter I was mentally comparing the two series together.


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