Monday, November 6, 2017

Review: Play Me, Coach - Sylvia Fox

Play Me, Coach

Review: Play Me , Coach - Sylvia Fox - December 2016
I was in the mood for a quick smutty read after reading a few dark romances and YA stories, so what better way to wind down and relax than with a Sylvia Fox Older Man/ Younger Female story. Like the one's previous ones, this was a quick read that followed a formula of a college-aged student falling in love with an older man in a forbidden romance. Emily Foster is best friend's with her college roommate Holly Sutton and has spent a lot of time around her dad Eric Sutton who is also the Football Coach for the College they attend. He has been a single dad for a while and Emily though she has always thought of him as Hot and Sexy, hasn't made a move as she cares for her friendship with his daughter Holly. When Emily is invited over Xmas break, she goes to stay with them and soon it is just Emily and Eric as Holly is visiting her grandparents. One kiss between the pair will end up in a few nights of passion, and soon their love for one another has blossomed. What will happen though when Holly comes home to find out her dad and Emily - her best friend is in love? Will she call Emily a homewrecker and their friendship will be over or will Holly realize their love for one another is true? I did like the ending of this book as both Emily and Holly finally got HEA's with the guys they love and more. I found compared to her other books that this book had more of understanding and acceptance level of their forbidden love than the others I have read by Sylvia Fox.

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