Review: Sexy Red Hood - Daryl Devore (R18 Read)

Into Fairytales ? Wanting one with a hint of sexiness injected in the story ?
Review: Sexy Red Hood - Twisted Tales Series - Daryl Devore- June 2011
I have always been a sucker for fairytales and renditions of stories and when I was emailed to review Sexy Red Hood , I was definitely into it - what better than a twisted rendition of Red Riding Hood and it proved to be a fun read. Our Red Riding Hood is Esmeralda aka Red Hood and her mother and grandmother own a chocolate making business "Hood's Delights". When Red's Grandma , takes a sudden cruise ride with a "insert gasp" young man - Esmeralda's mum thinks that he is a gold-digger and her Grandma is wasting away Red's inheritance and the company's money. So Red arrives on the cruise ship - courtesy of her mother to get to the bottom of the tale and spy on her Grandma. On the cruise ship , Red meets two hunky and handsome men - William Olf and Chopper. Guess what their names are related to ? William Olf - W.Olf and Chopper is a nickname for Andrew Woodsman. Though one of the guys aren't what they seem and are taking the tale and coincidences of Little Red Riding Hood a bit too far ? Is it William Wolf or Andrew Woodsman and which one will betray Red and the other love her ?
Find out in this fun and sexy read by Daryl Devore , a twisted tale of Little Red Riding Hood
"Sexy Red Hood".


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