Sunday, August 20, 2017

Review: 99 Red Balloons - Libby Carpenter

Grace is eight years old, and instead of coming straight home from school, she decided to stop into the dairy and has been kidnapped. What will happen next is Grace's aunty Stephanie will rally with Grace's mum Emma to discover what has happened to Grace and who has taken her? As the story goes on, we also have another storyline of Maggie Taylor whose granddaughter Sophie went missing years ago in the same scenario as Grace. Maggie's daughter couldn't handle the loss and killed herself. When she sees Grace and then the press release on TV she gets a jolt as one of the girls looks a lot like her Sophie, but how can that be? Reading the book, we learn that Emma's and Stephanie's mum is hiding a bucketload of secrets and that it has to do with how Emma and Stephanie came to be? Has someone finally realized the truth and had decided to exact revenge for the disappearance years ago?  99 Red Balloons started off as a fast-paced mystery and then started to slow down in the middle, and at one point I have to admit I wanted it to speed up a bit. The other thing I found annoying was that the story glossed over Sophie's disappearance and focused quite heavily on Grace's. It would have been nice to see a bit more of Sophie's story and her reunion with her grandmother which I was disappointed we didn't get to read how it went as the story just ended.  However, if you are up for a UK mystery novel, then check out 99 Red Balloons by Elisabeth (Libby) Carpenter today.

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