Sunday, August 27, 2017

Review : Blue Balls - R.C Boldt

Blue Balls

Review: Blue Balls - RC Boldt - August 2017

Remember Maggie and Ry from the first book Clam Jam by RC Boldt? Well, Blue Balls feature the story of their best friends Sarah and Jack. Maggie and Ry are still featured quite prominently in Blue Balls as they are getting ready for their wedding and Sarah and Jack are the Maid of Honour and Best Man. They also have this sparkling chemistry between them, but every time they have tried to consummate and did the deed, something happens, and they never seem to be able to have sex leaving them both with Blue Balls as yes, females can get a case of Blue Balls as well. You know the type where a guy has turned you on, and you are sexually aroused, and then it's like he hasn't satisfied you, so you have to finish yourself off. That feeling. I have to admit during this book; I had to say that I started to feel sorry for both Sarah and Jack as truly every single time someone interrupted their start of coitus. I did love the flower scene where as a gift Jack buys Sarah a flower which resembles blue balls, and the English translation is Blue Balls. This reminded me of that movie with Will Ferrell where he dates the baker and brings her a box of different flours and was like -" I brought some flours."  Will Jack and Sarah ever finally do the deed and fix their cases of Blue Balls? Find out in this fun friends to lover romantic comedy by RC Boldt. As I have enjoyed both of RC Boldt's work, I am interested to see what is released next.

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