Thursday, August 10, 2017

Review: I See You - Molly McAdams

I See You

Review: I See You - Molly McAdams- November 2016

I was in the mood for an angsty book and what better author to choose than Molly McAdams. I always know of her books that I am going to get angst-filled pages and heartfelt, teary moments and moments where I want to scream at the characters. In I See You it starts off at a college party with a good girl Aurora having a one night stand with a guy called Jay. They should only have one night, but something about their connection feels amazing and electrifying. The following week Aurora goes back hoping to spot the guy but ends up meeting Declan. One thing leads to another and Declan and Aurora become a couple and eventually move in together. Things are going great it seems, but Aurora is becoming a shell of herself as nothing she seems to do pleases Declan's mother. As the book goes along, we notice that Aurora starts to heavily lose herself as she becomes buried under all the negativity from Declan's mother. About halfway, Declan's adoptive brother Jentry comes home from the military, and wham bam turns out that Aurora's guy Jay - the one she couldn't stop thinking about and still holds a torch for is in fact none other than Declan's brother Jentry. Now comes the strong angsty part as Aurora tries to hide her love and feelings for Jentry and focus on Declan but no matter how hard she tries, it is Jentry she sees. Fast forward to the night of Declan's proposal to Aurora, and she turns him down as she can't marry him and tragedy happens. Aurora feels like she doesn't deserve to live or be happy and the guilt is eating her up. Can Jentry prove his love for Aurora or will it be Declan that she turns to when he awakes? Find out in this powerful angsty NA Love triangle tale by Molly McAdams - I See You. 

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