Monday, August 7, 2017

Review: The Boyfriend Swap - Meredith Schorr

The Boyfriend Swap

Review: The Boyfriend Swap - Meredith Schorr - November 2017
Looking for a good read this upcoming Christmas season? Christmas time is just around the corner and for two New Yorkers Robyn and Sidney, instead of looking forward to taking home their boyfriends for Christmas they are dreading it. Robyn has always dated artists and creative types and is currently dating Perry, a struggling actor, you would think coming from a creative family that they would love Perry, but the truth is her family can't stand him. Sidney, on the other hand, is a lawyer working at her Dad's company and is dating Will - a lawyer at another firm. She finds that all her boyfriends are put off or hijacked by her Dad who lives for the working life. Over a girls night, an idea is formed to swap boyfriends this Christmas season. This would have been a great idea if they were all complete strangers but turns out Will - Sidney's boyfriend, is none other than Will - the guy who right through High School, Robyn had a major crush on. Both parties reluctantly agree after a bit more convincing and so begins The Boyfriend Swap for the Christmas season. What will happen though when both families love who their daughters have brought home, and lines start to blur in both the fake relationships? The Boyfriend Swap was a fun chick lit novel, and though predictable as you could see where it was going to end, it was fun to read the two different family dynamics. 

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