Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Review: My So-Called Death - Stacey Jay

Remember years back when hot Zombies were the rage, and you didn't call them Zombies but Death Challenged or Death Impaired. This is one of the series that was popular back then, and yes, I bought it and only just got around to finally reading Book #1. I had previously read Book #0.5. In My So-Called Death, Karen is getting used to her life as a Zombie after an accident in cheerleading caused her to fall to her death and come back as a Zombie. She is now attending a Zombie high school. The thing though is that someone is killing the Zombies and if she isn't careful she could be next on the list as her newfound friends are being found with their brains harvested. Can Karen get through her first year of Dead High and stay alive well undead alive and find out who the killer Zombie Brain Harvester is?  Find out in this fun YA read and perfect for those supernatural/paranormal fans out there that think Vampires are for the weak and want some Hot Zombies. As Adam Seltzer said I Kissed a Zombie, and I Liked It or Daniel Waters said It's time for Generation Dead.


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