Sunday, August 27, 2017

Review: Aces Wild - Episode #9 Geek Actually - Cathy Yardley

Aces Wild (Geek Actually #1.9)

Review: Aces Wild - Episode #9 Geek Actually Series - Cathy Yardley - August 2017
Aces Wild takes us on a ride into Ellie, Taneesha and Christina's life. Ellie has been busy working with Ruby and making her Princess costume, she has always lived for the conventions, and that has taken up most of her time. Sex has never really been a big deal for her; she is attracted to guys but not like her friends. Ellie has always thought that something was wrong with her, but she is about to discover that she is asexual.  Taneesha currently on suspension has been spending a lot of time with Diego and now wants to move things to the next level with sex or as she calls it Netflix and Chill. What will happen though when Diego reveals the reason he hasn't slept with her yet? Can Taneesha accept Diego's wishes? Christina has always been happy in her job as a PA and never felt the need to move up the chain, what will happen though when Vivi goes behind her back and gets her a promotion - one she never wanted in the first place? Has Christina moved into an exclusive relationship without realizing as she has always been casual Christina?  Aces Wild was about finding yourself, being happy with who you are, sexual identities and beliefs.

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