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Review: The Wild - K.Webster

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The Wild

Review: The Wild - K. Webster - August 2017
So K.Webster released a new book, and I was excited to read it as I love how she writes about the taboo topics and you know her books will be considered in the dark fiction category. While I was busy waiting for this book to arrive and be released, my Facebook feed started to blow up about her new book and by Blow Up I mean still two weeks after release day it is being talked about, and people un-friended one another over this book. It got so bad that this book ended up being Banned from Amazon. I managed to get a copy before it was taken down from the majority of sites. I had a fair idea about what the content was going to be seeing as my Facebook feed for the past two weeks was all about this book. I read it knowing that it was a K.Webster book and away I went. I have to admit I had expected something a bit racier due to the way people were carrying on about it. Also, the fact is K.Webster has a massive WARNING written in the blurb, so people do know what they were getting if they decided to read the book.
The Wild is an extremely taboo story. Most will find that the themes in this book will make you incredibly uncomfortable. This book is only for the brave, the open-minded, and the ones who crave love in even the most dismal of situations. Extreme sexual themes and violence in certain scenes, which could trigger emotional distress, are found in this story. If you are sensitive to heavy taboo themes, then this story is not for you
Seriously, ok he has sex with his daughter, but she didn't seem to care -in fact, she was the one encouraging it, and he did at first try to deter as he knew morally inside him that it wasn't right, but of course, she wasn't his blood, so it's not completely incestuous. What I don't understand is people stand by and say the relationship of Cersei and Jamie Lannister wasn't too bad and they don't go all up in arms about the fact that they will boycott Games of Thrones because of the incestuous relationship, yet they will happily boycott The Wild because of the father/daughter relationship. There was a rape scene in the book which I didn't see coming, and this would possibly be the darkest factor in the book.  Overall however, the book itself wasn't an outstanding story and one I would rave on about but in general if you were looking for a dark fiction and enjoy K.Websters, and you know what to expect from her books, then The Wild is just another one to add to your TBR pile if you can manage to track down a copy. 


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