Saturday, August 19, 2017

Review: Almost Jamie - Gina Robinson

Doctor Blair Edwards has dreamed like many females around the world to have her own Jamie and be just like Elinor. These are characters on a Scottish show called Jamie which sounded a bit like Outlander meets Vikings. Jamie is the in-thing, and this is about to help Austin who is an IT Geek get his girl as Austin bears a strong resemblance to the character Jamie. In fact, he could be the actor's double and Blair, especially when decked in her handmade Elinor's costume which her Aunt played she looks like Sam the main female lead. 
After an accident involving swords at Comic-Con, the pair meet as Blair doctors Austin and in return since Austin and his friends have VIP passes to the Jamie panel. Blair gets a free pass, and the pair meets the lead roles alongside having a bit of VIP treatment as the crowd can't get over their strong likenesses. Has Austin finally met the girl of his dreams and at Comic-Con of all places, the perfect place to meet a fellow geek and cosplayer? Has Blair finally snagged her Jamie? Can this finally mean that we get to see her say goodbye to Neil - who by the way, I didn't like? I love Austin and want her with him. Being a geek chic myself, I loved this book as it had comic -con, pop-culture references and romantic comedy aspects to the book and now I am looking forward to reading the next three books in the series.

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