Sunday, August 20, 2017

Review: 1986 - Why Can't This Be Love - Love in the 80's - R.K Ryals

Spring Break was supposed to be the time of Tori Allen's life when she was finally going to get her man. For the past months, Tori has been eyeing up the bartender Corey Allen at the Cube. She has been trying to get his attention as she thinks he is the bomb diggity bomb. She will, however, discover that looks aren't everything and that they can be deceiving.  On the night in question, Tori ends up almost being raped by Corey and Dylan Black comes to her rescue. Dylan has had some bad luck thrown to him and is currently working off to pay back damages at his Uncle's Ten-Pin Bowling Alley. Dylan is the type of guy that parents warn their daughters from as he his bad news. For Tori, things are about to get complicated as she is falling for Dylan and it doesn't help that her parents are as strict as can be. This leads to Tori having a political stance after her father tries to separate the pair and in a small town it is easy for a business to be splashed across the pages. This was a sweet romance story set in a small town bowling alley and a cute one in the Love in the 80's series.

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