Friday, August 18, 2017

Review: Dead Girls Can't Lie - Carys Jones

Dead Girls Can't Lie

Review: Dead Girls Can't Lie - Carys Jones - August 2017

North's best friend has been found hanging in the woods. Suicide is the supposed ruling of death. The thing though is that North doesn't believe that for one minute as her best friend Kelly would never do that, just end her life.  It seems like someone else believes her too as she has been receiving text messages telling her that Kelly didn't kill herself. Who is sending her the messages and why won't the police believe her? I kept thinking during the book that the characters were in their late teens to twenties as they came across quite young but had to remind myself that they were both in their 30's.  North came across a lot younger than Kelly but seemed like they were around the same age in parts of the book.  During the book, North decides to do some sleuthing and investigating on her own as if the police aren't going to find out what happened to Kelly; then it is up to her. Along the way, we learn that North suffers insomnia and displays some signs of craziness. Also, North works at the conservatory and has a start of a love interest which she takes to Monaco to help solve the murder. I have to admit when the truth about what happened to Kelly was discovered, I figured half of it but the real identity of the killer surprised me and the ending twist.  If you are looking for a New Adult edgy murder mystery, then Dead Girls Can't Lie by Carys Jones is the read for you.

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