Monday, August 7, 2017

Review: Normal - Danielle Pearl

Normal (Something More, #1)

Review: Normal - Book #1 Something More Series - Danielle Pearl - August 2014

Aurora Pine was named after Sleeping Beauty, but soon that nickname of Sleeping Beauty would become a word that would haunt her forever. Aurora was a popular girl and a cheerleader, she had pep and spirit and was stunning. She even caught the eye of one of the hottest guys, and her father approved as he was the son of the Mayor. Things though weren't as happy behind closed doors as this Prince Charming was abusive and harmed Aurora in more ways than one. When she decides to tell someone about it, she is painted not as a victim but a liar, the girl who cried wolf. Her mother believed her, and the pair of them moved away to start fresh. All Aurora now known as Rory wants is to go back to feeling Normal or at least pretending to be. At her new school, she attracts the attention of Sam.  He wants to be more than friends, but she isn't ready. Soon Rory will discover he's not like the other guys and that he might be the best thing for her yet. What will happen though when Spring Break comes, and Rory is left to face her demon? Can Sam save her from harm or will this be a repeat incident of the past?  Find out in Normal by Danielle Pearl. An edgy YA novel that has a focus on abusive relationships, rape and how to move past it.

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