Sunday, August 13, 2017

Review: My Paper Heart - Magan Vernon

Libby Gentry's parents have had enough as they receive her final results from College and discover that she has completely flunked out and the worst thing is that Libby doesn't seem to care too much about it.  This is the final straw for her parents, and so they decide to send her to the small town of Elsbury, Louisana to stay with her Great -Aunt. Libby arrives at the small podunk town and meets her cousin Brittany - her Great-aunt's granddaughter. Libby was hoping for someone who she could trade fashion advice off but will be in for a shock when she turns up to the town where they don't seem to care much about fashions. During Libby's stay, she will butt heads with her cousin, but at the same time, the pair will start to become closer with one another and eventually help each other repair the holes in their hearts. Like most stories, there is the love interest and in My Paper Heart, we have Blaine who is the town hottie and Libby's first impression of him isn't sparkling since he calls her a slut but then along the way the pair start to spark and date. What will happen though when it comes time for Libby to return to her "real life"? Will she be a changed woman and choose to remain in Elsbury with Blaine and her Great-Aunt or will her time in Elsbury be like her relationship with Blaine - a summer fling? Find out in My Paper Heart by Magan Vernon. Though this is written in the sense of a New Adult, I found it more YA orientated and quite a clean romance story.

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