Monday, August 14, 2017

Review: 1985 - Careless Whisper - Love In the 80's - Misty Provencher


I am slowly getting through the 1980's series , you know how you feel in the mood to read something and then you keep flicking through as nothing is grabbing your attention ? Then something sparks in your memory, of a series you brought the whole collection of but never got around to finishing . I was searching for something to read and then thought of the Love in the 80's series and wham bam - I arrived in the year 1985.  Well technically, the book is set seven years later in 1992. This was different to the previous books which are set during the  year they were written. In 1992 , Grace's grandma Gada has passed away and now Grace has returned home to pack up her belongings and also as the will stipulates she must spend a week in her childhood home. Grace arrives , she hasn't been back to her hometown since 1985 when she left for New York. She left behind her life to start anew. She will get a surprise though as Gada stipulated that for a week a number of people will stay in the house and aren't allowed to leave. The people include James Stryker - Grace's ex boyfriend, Lisa  and Evie - Grace's old friends and Paul - James's brother.  Neither of the group have been in the same place or spoken to one another in the past seven years as they are all holding onto old grudges which they will be revealed to them , more complicated than they could ever imagine and the handiwork of one Gada. I have to admit though I enjoyed this story a little in parts, it felt unfinished and that after the week none of the characters fully got their issues resolved of what happened seven years ago and OMG why didn't we get to see what each one was left in the will ? 

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