Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Review: 1987 - How Do I Get You Alone - Cameo Renae

1987: (How Do I Get You) Alone (Love in the 80s #8)

Review: 1987 - How Do I Get You Alone - Book #8 Love in the 80's Series - Cameo Renae - August 2016

A year later I am slowly making my way through the Love in the 80's novellas that were released each month during 2016. This one I was looking forward to as I was born in 1987. The story, however, wasn't what I was hoping for as I wanted to experience more of a 1980's feel. In 1987, we met Lyssa Taylor who has just graduated from High School, and she and her best friends are off to a cabin in the woods - no Horror movie references needed for this book when her best friend Tiffany's brother decides to crash their time in the cabin. Lyssa is like the fifth wheel in her friends as they all have boyfriends, her heart though has been set on one guy all along - Travis Preston. Her best friend's older brother. What happens when he decides to crash their weekend away? Will Lyssa and Travis finally get to spend some quality time together? Will this be the start of something new ? Find out in 1987 - How Do I Get You Alone and yes, whenever I read this title all I want to do is sing the song, by Cameo Renae. Perfect for those fans of Friends to Lover stories.

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