Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Review: Wicked Charming - Nazarea Andrews

Wicked Charming (Wicked Ever After, #1)

Review: Wicked Charming - Book#1 Wicked Ever After Novella Series - Nazarea Andrews - February 2017

Forget everything that you know with Fairytales and often renditions as Wicked Charming will take you on a BDSM rollercoaster of a ride. Wicked Charming is a quick read as it is a Novella but will be jam-packed with sex scenes, BDSM and slight re-telling of tales that we all learned as a child.  In Wicked Charming we meet rich boy Sam Charming, he is the heir to the company Charming Pharmaceuticals seeing as he is the only son. The thing is Sam doesn't want the company and is happy in the background letting his sisters run things and take charge of the ship while he works with his friends at their BDSM club. The thing is though that Sam's Dad wants to retire and now Sam must put on his big boy pants and take charge and to do so he needs a good woman by his side. The thing is that Sam is a Domme and needs a sub. Enter Celeste who has been working as a bartender at Sam's club, and she has captured his attention. Celeste's story is Cinderella, and in this world, Cinderella has a Sub personality, and instead of the evil stepmother, she has Cora - her evil Stepsister who will do anything to stand in Celeste's way of an HEA.  Can Charming get his Cinderella in time for the company function? Find out in this wicked rendition of Cinderella with a twist - Wicked Charming by Nazarea Andrews.

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