Sunday, August 13, 2017

Review: Geek Actually - Episode #6 - Can You Not ? - Cecilia Tan

Can You Not? (Geek Actually #1.6)

Review: Geek Actually - Episode #6 - Can You Not ? - Cecilia Tan - July 2017

Unlike the previous episodes, this one as obviously stated by the cover has a bit more kink to it as those who have read the previous episodes will recall that Michelle attended a BDSM workshop at the Writers conference that she attended. Listening to the workshop grabbed her attention, and so Michelle decided to sign up for Fetlife which is like the R18 version of Facebook. I did that myself after joining a group as I was curious to see what Fetlife was as the group was called 90 days of Kink. Michelle takes it to the next level though as she attends her first party, but once she arrives, she learns that maybe she isn't quite ready to define what she is or wants. The other person that is focused on in Episode #6 is Taneesha who is now being stalked and harassed since her details were leaked online and now she has become an attack for cyber-bullying. What will happen though when the harassment gets kicked up a notch and starts affecting her personal life as well? If you want a bit more excitement, then Episode #6 is a good read as it has not only the geek culture side of things we love with this serial but also an insight into the world of BDSM and a bit of suspense and thriller with Taneesha's story line starting to come into play.


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