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Review: Beside Manners - Phoebe Fox

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Bedside Manners (The Breakup Doctor, #2)

Review: Bedside Manners - Book #2 The BreakUp Doctor Series - Phoebe Fox - March 2015
Brooke Odgen's new practice as The BreakUp Doctor is going well and life seems to be finally heading in the right direction as she has a good steady boyfriend Ben who is finally a good one, not like the jerks Michael and Kendall.  The thing is though that it looks like Brooke is about to sabotage what's good in her life with a bad decision. Chip Santana was one of Brooke's previous patients, but after his anger problem and closeness which resulted in a one night stand and jail, she referred him to another therapist. Now Chip is back in Brooke's life and seems that he wants to stay and Brooke being naive believes he has changed and wanted to get better with her help. I have to admit for Brooke - Chip Santana is her kryptonite, her weakness as he may be hot but reckless. As the book goes along, we read as Brooke seems to juggle Chip and Ben, but what will happen when Ben says "I Love You" to Brooke and she can't respond? He walks out, and this ends in her having another one night stand with none other than Chip Santana. Is this the end of her relationship with Ben? Is The BreakUp Doctor sabotaging her happiness? Find out in Bedside Manners, Book #2 in the BreakUp Doctor series. A light-hearted chick lit romance/ relationship novel.


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