Thursday, August 10, 2017

Review: Single Dad Next Door - Penelope Bloom

Single Dad Next Door: A Fake Marriage Romance 

Review: Single Dad Next Door - Penelope Bloom - February 2017

Reid Riggins is in a bit of a tight spot, his ex-wife's best friend has just moved in next door to him, and he is facing a dilemma. Reid has been a single dad for the past few years and doing the best he can with his son who by the way stole the show in this book as he was such a cutie and the words that came out of his mouth. He was adorable as we all know that kids don't have filters and it was shown in Single Dad Next Door. He has been doing alright with his mechanic business, and now his grandfather has left him the business in his will, but the thing is it comes with strings. To inherit Reid must be married with two kids. The thing is he is a divorced dad of one. Now Reid must find someone to be in a relationship with and hopefully want a baby otherwise the business will be handed over to his brother who wants to demolish the building. Sandra has always had the stigma of being a "rich girl, " but the thing is she never fitted in with that world and decided to make it on her own. She has moved to town as Tara - Reid's ex-wife is shacking up in her house with her new beau and Sandra wants some alone time where she can focus on her bakery. Though Sandra discovers she is in a dilemma too as a developer wants to pull down the businesses including hers and build a strip mall. Unless Sandra can come up with the money, she is stuffed. What starts out as a fake marriage romance between Sandra and Reid will, however, develop into something more as sparks fly, but what will happen when the pair discover it's their family members and friends plotting against them? Can they prove that their love is real and not fake? Will Reid be able to fulfill his inheritance requirements and will Sandra save her sweet bakery? Find out in this Single Dad Romance tale by Penelope Bloom - Single Dad Next Door.

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