Saturday, August 19, 2017

Review: Nina - Stacey Joy Netzel

Nina doesn't believe in true love and so when she heads to the Carribean with her Online Book Club, and they throw their message in the bottles into the ocean, she writes her list of what she wants in a guy and pops it in the bottle and straight into her suitcase home.  Nina works as an aspiring writer and a personal assistant for her best friend who is also a famous actress. While her friend is filming in New Zealand, being from New Zealand, this gave me a little cheer when I read this book, and I was like YAY for NZ. Nina is spending the time at her friend's house in Wisconsin and also has agreed to auction herself in the V-Day's auction at the local resort in exchange for free board, food and unlimited writing time. The thing is her friend is getting renovations done, and the guy in charge is none other than Finn Regan. Nina went to High School with him and had a major crush on Finn, however, he was always the playboy, and she isn't interested in guys that will trample all over her heart. Can Finn show Nina that he has changed and that though he doesn't match all her extreme requirements in a guy as he has found her message in a bottle, between his dog and he they can meet the majority of requirements needed for Nina to love and admit that they are made for one another? If you love true love and romances with a bit of fun and the Message in a Bottle idea, then check out Book #3 in the Beach Brides series - Nina by Stacey Joy Netzel today.


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