Saturday, August 19, 2017

Review: Dear Banjo - Sasha Wasley

Willow Paterson aka Banjo and Tom Forrest were the best of friends, and they were inseparable growing up, and when they were fifteen, they made a blood pact never to fall in love with one another. Years pass and they are now 18 years old, and Tom has kissed Willow as he loves her and wants to be more than friends. To her, this was a full-on betrayal and the next day she disappears off to College. Tom needs to explain to her writes her letters for a whole year and then after that, he stopped, and the pair never kept in contact.  Tom changed and so did Willow as they got on with their lives.  Now ten years later Willow is back home as her Dad has gotten ill and she is back to take over her Dad's Cattle farm. The thing is Tom has taken over his family farm next door. We learn that though Tom wrote to Willow, she only ever read the first two letters as they hurt her so much she never opened the other letters. She did, however, keep them, and now on her plane ride home, she opens them but is it ten years too late? As the story will go on, we read this back and forward friendship between Willow and Tom and see that the chemistry is still sizzling between the pair. However, will Willow still be stuck in the past and not want anything more than a friendship with Tom?  How will Tom react as he doesn't want his heart to break all over again and be back in the frame of mind he was ten years ago?  Dear Banjo was a heartfelt, emotive read and set in the outback of Australia. This is the perfect read for those who love reading love letters from the past. How many ways do you love me ? Let me write them a thousand times.

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