Monday, August 7, 2017

Review: The Lying Game - Ruth Ware

The Lying Game

Review: The Lying Game - Ruth Ware - June 2017

Four friends at High School started a game called The Lying Game. They got points based on their lies and the more elaborate or more people believed, the more points they got. That was until tragedy struck and the four girls did something that night that they never thought they would and eventually they were kicked out of the school and for three of them, they never returned to Salten. Now fifteen years later, the four of them will reunite when they receive a text message reading "I need you." Isa, now a mum takes her baby to Salten, Thea arrives and Fatima. Their friend Kate has summoned them. A body part has washed ashore, and the part could be connected to Kate's dad who died those many years ago, and they hid his body in the water. Many people thought that he wouldn't just disappear and that the girls had something to do with his disappearance. What will happen though when all four starts to receive text messages, notes, and photos - with the message I know what you did. Read as the one lie that could ruin them forever starts to unravel and in the process ruin the lives that they have created when the lies start to affect the families.  I didn't see the twist coming and was shocked at the real truth about what happened that fateful night. The stalker, I did guess that part pretty early on. If you are looking for a high school reunion, scandals and secrets from the past being uncovered, then check out UK author Ruth Ware's book "The Lying Game," a mystery that won't disappoint.


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