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Review: Clair - Grace Greene

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Clair (Beach Brides #4)

Review: Clair - Book #4 Beach Bride Series - Grace Greene - May 2017

Clair has gone to the Carribean with her online book club, and the girls had written messages in bottles and chucked them into the ocean.  Clair thinks it is silly fun as she has already got a good fiance and is living her life the way she wants. Her friends beg her to do it, so she grabs the nearest thing she can to write on the back.  Talk about irony as it turns out to be a card for a Divorce lawyer.  Fast-forward to now, she is not living the life she had planned as her parents are dead, her fiance left her, and now she is living at home with her older sister looking after their younger sister who is currently a selective mute after being a witness to her parent's deaths. Greg is a P.I and has been hired by a client to find out all that there is about Clair as they found her message in a bottle. It turns out that the client is her ex- Sean and he are worried about her uncovering his past to the world.  However, love can turn up in the most unexpected ways as Greg may be the spark to help Clair and her family as he seems to have the magic touch with their younger sister and getting her out of her shell.  Is this Clair's turn to finally discover an HEA after her message in a bottle has been found? Find out in Book #4 of the Beach Bride Series by Grace Greene. A story of true love in a bottle.

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