Sunday, August 27, 2017

Review: 1988 - Need You Tonight - Rachel Higginson

I have nearly made my way through the Love in the 80's series as I bring you 1988 - the second to last year in the 80's.  It's the year 1988, and Cassandra Carmichael is going through a rough time as her parents are divorcing and her whole life has gone up in flames. She has changed personalities and no longer the peppy cheerleading type. During her English class, she seems to have attracted the attention of Todd who is a jock and as Cassie believes is not her type of guy. Her dream guy is Jake Turner, her next door neighbor and bad boy extraordinaire, he is also a musician and plays in a band called Fresh Suicide. His band is playing in the Battle of the Bands competition, and Jake wants to meet her backstage, this is finally her chance to get lucky with Jake. However, love likes to play tricks, and when Cassie and her friend Gina need a ride to the competition, Todd and his friend Matt step up their games. As they journey along the way to the concert, Cassie is about to realize that maybe Jake isn't her Mr. Right and that Mr. Right has been in front of her this whole time but due to her closed walls, she just never gave him a chance. Will her guy that she needs tonight be Jake or Todd? Find out in 1988: Need You Tonight by Rachel Higginson - Book #9 in the Love in the 80's series.  1988: Need You Tonight was the perfect college romance read complete with Music and the Goth Era.

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