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Review: Paradox - Amity Cross

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Paradox (The Thornfield Affair #2)

Review: Paradox - Book #2 The Thornfield Affair - Amity Cross - November 2016

Jane Doe always wanted a family, someone to love her and she thought she had found that at Thornfield with the staff and Mr. Rochester. The thing was though that Mr. Rochester was a hard guy to pinpoint and he breaks Jane's heart. Months later, she overhears that he has gotten engaged to Blanche Ingram - the rude lady from Book #1.  This breaks her more, but she has an artist retreat to run at Thornfield. During this time an artist John Rivers catches her eye, and the pair spends some time together. Of course, Mr. Rochester arrives back jealous as ever, but why should he be when he has Blanche. During this time, Blanche's true colors are revealed as she tries to kill Jane. Meanwhile, Jane is about to discover who she is and what she's worth when her Aunt Sarah Reed gets sick and reveals a letter she has kept hidden for over ten years from Jane's biological Uncle - her Dad's brother James Eyre. This made me pleased as I was waiting for the Eyre revelation. Mr. Rochester and Jane rekindle their romance and get engaged only to have Mason interfere and reveal Mr. Rochester's crazy past to Jane. Can Jane stay and trust Edward to sort things out or has her heart been burned too many times? Now with money and property to her name, Jane finally has somewhere to call home and survive on her own. Is this a new chapter opening for Jane Eyre or will Edward Rochester win back Jane's love and trust?
Find out in Book #2 The Thornfield Affair - Paradox, a modern rendition of Jane Eyre by Amity Cross.

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