Monday, August 7, 2017

Review : Teacher - Heather Dahlgren and Ella Emerson

Teacher: A Student/Teacher Romance

Review: Teacher - Heather Dahlgren and Ella Emerson - March 2016

One of the themes I enjoy reading about is the teacher/student romances, which forbidden love, which comes to think about it is probably why in Pretty Little Liars, I was all about the Ezria relationship. In Teacher, compared to a lot of other teacher/student books I have read this was more tamer in the storyline. It starts off in a coffee shop where Trish is running late to school and has a collision with her coffee, and a hot guy is standing behind her in line. The hot guy turns out to be Mr. Wild aka Levi, her new English teacher. You can guess where this is going to go as though Levi tries to put boundaries in, Trish wants what she can't have, and in this case, it's Levi. Trish wants to head to fashion school, but what will happen when her romance gets out of control with Levi and rumors and whispers start to happen? A teacher by Heather Dahlgren and Ella Emerson was a slower read than I am used to and is more about the "I should stay away from you, but I can't" storyline rather than the hot passionate romance between a teacher and a student.  What will happen though when Trish discovers Levi's other identity? I did like the twist that they put on the ending and reminded me of a bit of what Drew Barrymore's character went through with her teacher in Music and Lyrics. If you are on the look for a teacher/student romance, then check out Teacher by Heather Dahlgren and Ella Emerson today.

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