Monday, August 14, 2017

Review: Ghost of a Girl - Tawny Stokes

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Ghost of a Girl

Review: Ghost of a Girl - Tawny Stokes - March 2017

Ever get in those moods where every book you pick up, you just can't get into it? I was going through that one night, and then I finally came to Ghost of a Girl and must be some stock in the saying third time lucky. As soon as I read the first page of Ghost of a Girl by Tawny Stokes I was hooked. This book takes place in a small community town where the most popular girl in the high school Haven has just died. She was hit in a tragic accident and killed immediately. If Haven was the top of the high school food chain, then Daisy is the complete opposite as she isn't one to fit into cliques, etc. and was far removed from being popular.  Daisy has been asked by the school to create a memorial video of Haven and get some anecdotes from her friends. The thing is though that Daisy knew another side of Haven that her friends didn't know. Haven was bisexual and in a secret relationship with her next door neighbor Daisy. The two kept it secret and were planning to come out at prom, but Haven also had a jealous friend Paige, and she has video proof of Haven and Daisy. Now Daisy who has seen Haven's ghost lately has been spending time with Paige as apparently, Haven would want them to get to know each other.  As Daisy becomes more popular and starts to cling to her last remaining memories of Haven , will she lose herself in the process or will she realise it before she has sunk and in order to  move on she must reveal the truth of their relationship and herself to everyone who still clings to a ghost of a girl and show the world the Haven she knew.  I have to admit I did find the ending of this book sort of cliched as apparently even after death, Haven is still the hero and helping change people's lives for good.


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