Sunday, August 20, 2017

Review: Listen to Me - Kristen Proby

For those who remember I am prone to reading out of order, in most cases like this one each book is stand alone, so it doesn't matter. In the Fusion series, we meet the five wonderful woman behind the successful bar in Portland - Seduction. Listen to Me is Addison's story. Addison is in charge of the entertainment and the hiring of the staff. The girls at Seduction believe that they are missing out on the art of music which is necessary for the Art of Seduction. The group head to check out an Open Mic night where Jake Keller is playing. Jake Keller is a former Rock Star who has been hiding on the sidelines for the past five years.  Jake was a big deal back in the day, but after a tragic accident that nearly killed his best friend, he backed away from the spotlight until now. One thing leads to another and Seduction hires Addie. She is careful though not to get into a relationship with Jake as the last thing she needs is another bad relationship under her belt, and creative types are the worst in her book. Can Jake prove to Addie that he isn't like the other men that have been in her lives? What will happen though when Jake's past comes rolling back into town just as Addie is slowly starting to let him in? Will this cause her walls to jump back up and be harder than ever to pull down? Can Jake prove to Addie that she can trust him and he is in for the long haul? Listen to Me was a sweet romance and one that every female will enjoy as Kristen Proby is also easy to read and the characters are all very relatable and have all the traits of everyday females in the business world.

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