Sunday, August 20, 2017

Review: Breaking Skin - Debra Doxer

Two years ago Nikki had an amazing one night stand with a guy called Cole. They were both looking that night for an escape from their lives. Now two years later, they will be in the same place at the same time but now Cole has a skewed perception of what Nikki is like. As he has been fed lies after lies from Nikki's older sister.  What will happen when Nikki arrives not realising the bull that Cole has been fed ? Nikki who was supposed to be here for the weekend to visit , ends up staying for the whole week as her sister disappears and now there is no-one to look after her niece. As the week will get on , Cole will discover that there are deep unresolved issues between the sisters. Can Nikki not only save what remaining family she has , but also her career as a professional dancer at the same time ? Will Nikki be the self-sacrificing type when it comes to the crunch of an ultimatum - Cole or her sister and niece ? Breaking Skin was an insight into the ways family can be torn apart and that sometimes it is the horrid truth rather than lies that can make the most damage .
For an emotional family and thought provoking novel, then check out Breaking Skin by Debra Doxer. This is one of her stand-alone novels.

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