Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Review: Girl Last Seen - Nina Laurin

Girl Last Seen

Review: Girl Last Seen - Nina Laurin - June 2017

Ten years ago, Ella now Laine was discovered along the roads by an officer. She was found raped and pregnant and with no memory of her time in captivity. She had no family to go back to either as they didn't want her. Now ten years later, Laine looks every day as a hobby and compulsion at the missing person posters, waiting for her killer to strike again. This time he has as a girl at ten years old has gone missing, and she bears a strong resemblance to Laine. Ten-year-old Olivia Shaw has disappeared, and it seems she has been abducted and her family wants her back. They will do anything to get her back even going as far as to contact her biological mother - Ella/ Laine. With the clock ticking, can Ella/Laine work with the detectives and the Shaw family to find Olivia? What will happen though when secrets and dark ones at that about the Shaw family start to trickle out and put both Ella and Olivia in more danger? I have to admit, this was a slow mystery, and I would have liked to have read a bit more about Ella's disappearance and time in captivity, but I did have to say the twist and identity of her captor surprised me as I didn't see that coming. If you are in the mood for a new author to read and love missing person stories, then check out Girl Last Seen by Nina Laurin today.

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