Review: 19th Christmas - James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

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19th Christmas (Women's Murder Club, #19)

Review: 19th Christmas - Book #19 Women's Murder Club Series - James Patterson and Maxine Paetro - October 2019

The Women's Murder Club crew and their partners are looking forward to a hopeful quiet-ish Christmas this year in San Francisco. Of course, we know that's not going to happen as even Lindsey's old partner is pulled in from retirement. Seems a cop's work is never done as the team gets a tip that someone named Mr. Lomas is going to do the heist of a lifetime at it is happening Christmas day. No other information and as the team tries to follow the countless leads, they always end in the same thing - a dead body. This case also causes a little stress for the families of the police officers as they had planned to spend Christmas with their families, in particular, Lindsey Boxer's family as we see tensions rise between her and Joe where he even tries to talk to her about quitting which we know will never happen. Joe also gets a nice surprise at the end of this book too and it makes us wonder whether she will be a regular character in latter books. While the rest of the Murder Club is trying to solve crimes, Cindy with the help of Yuki is trying to get an innocent man acquitted of a crime. After researching an article about Mexican culture and their Christmas traditions, she receives a tip from a lady named Maria about her husband and so Cindy and Yuki try to give Eduardo and Maria a Christmas miracle they will never forget.  Fans of the Women's Murder Club will love this Christmas based mystery. I found despite the fact it was a bit too many characters for my liking, a good read to be reunited with all my favorite main characters.


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