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Review: The Year of Falling in Love - Jessica Sorensen

The Year of Falling in Love (Sunnyvale, #2)

Review: The Year of Falling in Love - Book #2 Sunnyvale Series - Jessica Sorensen - January 2016

As soon as I finished Book #1, I just had to continue with Book #2 The Year of Falling in Love as the series was getting good with its twists and turns. I have to admit that I didn't enjoy this book as much as Book #1 though as I hate when the characters play with feelings and games as Isabella is getting more confident and is almost dating both brothers Kai and Kyler. Though I think she should end up with Kai as Kyler is your usual jock playboy and only likes her now that she is at pretty status whereas Kai has always been in the background and been her friend. At the end of Book #1, it's we learned Isabella's name and in Book #2 Kai's friend Big Doug does some research and learns that her mother has been in prison for murder and that murder is connected to Lynn - the woman who raised her. In Book #2 Isabella is still receiving threatening messages and has been banned seeing her grandmother which of course isn't going to stop her as she feels like she can't turn to anyone else but her grandmother Stephy. Also, mother's there is someone following Isabella in a blue car? Who is the mysterious person and why don't they want Isabella to find out about her mother? We didn't find out the identity of the person in Book #2 so hoping when I move onto Book #3 more answers will be revealed as this series is getting good and I have my fingers crossed that hopefully Isabella will be reunited with her mother eventually and the real truth revealed.

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