Review: Agent - Jenna Rose


Review: Agent - Jenna Rose - December 2019

In the mood for a quick hot sexy read with not much substance to it then check out Jenna Rose's books including Agent. Agent features Babs Whitesell who is one of Hollywood's best movie agents as she has been the type of girl who has worked her way up with the motto of all work and no play, she has strived to be the best and has always made it clear she would never date or sleep with anyone in the industry as that's how mistakes and career suicide occur. That is until she meets Chris Snow who is an up and coming actor and is sexy to boot. When Chris first meets Babs, she's not what he expected - she's even better and he wants to get to know her not just as an agent but also in a more intimate way. What happens though when Babs lets down her guard with Chris and learns that there is a damning video out there that could end not only his career but also hers and it's in the hands of her enemy agent - Adam. Will Babs believe Chris when he tells her the truth about the video or will she believe the worst when she watches the tape? Is this relationship over before it has even had a proper chance to bloom? Find out in this quick sexy read "Agent" by Jenna Rose today.


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