Review : Cruel Blue Bloods - Devyn Forrest

Cruel Blue Bloods: A Highschool Bully Romance - Crestwood Academy Book 2

Review: Cruel Blue Bloods - Book #2 Boys of Crestwood Academy Series - Devyn Forrest - December 2019
With so many bullymances being released it can be hard to find a really good one. Boys of Crestwood Academy is one of those better series. At the end of Book #1, we saw an article released that said that Kennedy was, in fact, part of the Blair lineage. Book #2 starts with Kennedy leaving the party and finding her way down to a strange little hidden bar called The Ocean's Edge where she is told of her doppelganger - this leads her to want to find out more about her grandmother Kelly Woods. When Monday rolls around, Kennedy must face the crowds of Crestwood once again and this time the bullying will have been upped the ante as Hailey isn't keen on sharing the limelight of being a Blair. It turns out that the rumors must be true as Headmaster Blair has been told to step down and Dante's Dad- Mr. Franklin is now the interim Headmaster. With the help of the boys - Kennedy finds her grandmother's diary but can she trust them as they seem to still be acting cold/hot with her. One minute they are screaming out for her, the next they are trying to kill and ostracise her from their Kingdom of Crestwood. I have to admit I did love Kennedy's mother at the end when she stood up for what was right and demanded to see Headmaster Blair. Cruel Blue Bloods ends on the cliffhanger and opens the next book to time traveling back to the late 1970s with the epic love tale of Headmaster Damon Blair and the local Ridgewood girl who had been hired to help with the horses - Kelly Woods.


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