Review: Demon Bound - Chris Cannon

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Demon Bound

Review: Demon Bound - Book #1 Crossroads Chronicles - Chris Cannon - January 2020

Meena needs a summer job and it's either cleaning for the eccentric old woman Carol whom the town calls a Witch or getting a job as a fast-food waitress and she is allergic to hairnets. Meena gets the job for Carol and is sent out on her first errand to pick up parcels from another town witch Zelda. Instead, she meets her grandson Jake. Unable to find the exact parcels, they head back to Carol's to find Aunt Zelda there as well and it's going to be an eye-opener for Meena and Jake about this town as also there is Bane - a head Demon. Apparently, when Zelda and Carol were trying to summon a minor demon they got him instead and now he has captured Carol to work for him and since Meena had a contract with Carol, it has now transferred to Bane. Meena's summer job will be collecting payments from all those who sold their souls to the demons in exchange for ten extra years doing what they love. During this time her eyes will be opened as she learns just how many people in her town had sold their soul and along the way learn about the reasons why. During the book as well, Jake has captured the attention of Sybil - the vampire and she is eager to turn him into one of her own.  Can Meena break her contract before the end of the summer is over and will she also be able to save her mother who has been in a coma for three years as we learn more about her mother too and her father's refusal to sell his soul to save her? Demon Bound was a good YA read by Chris Cannon - however, I did enjoy her Going Down in Flames series better which was why I grabbed Demon Bound in the first place to read.


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