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Opal (Jewels Cafe #4)

Review: Opal - Book #4 Jewel's Cafe Series - Candace Wondrak - November 2019
Opal has moved to the small town of Silver Springs and has spent the last few weeks holed up in her small apartment as she is trying to finish her writing deadline for her latest book. She would if she could though but she has been in a rut lately as her neighbors have every day been playing music all hours and she hasn't been sleeping well and it's becoming a big unnecessary distraction in her life especially. Opal has always been the shy one and her three neighbors are hot stuff and intimidating - Ace, Brock and Kent. One day, she has had enough and decides to head into town to write at the local cafe - Jewel's cafe. There she meets Julian and he gives her one of their famous pumpkin spice latte's. Those from Amber's story will remember the beginning of Julian and his famous Pumpkin Spice. She takes a sip and suddenly her brain is alive and fingers on fire as she pumps out chapter and chapter and some steamy sex scenes too. Once she arrives home, love will take it's course as she finds herself the center of attention from not just one or two of the hunky next-door neighbors but all three. Opal by Candace Wondrak was an easy paranormal romance reverse-harem read and I am looking forward to reading more adventures of Silver Springs and their famous cafe - Jewel's which is at the heart of every story.


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